Weddings at Home: Norfolk Photographer

Weddings at a family home are becoming particularly popular and have been so for a number of years. With a field or large garden spare a marquee is erected, often the local church is used, and then caterers and a bar are hired in, in addition to a DJ and band for the evening’s entertainment. It’s a great way to go, wonderful to have a wedding on your home turf where you have the option particularly when you have childhood memories wound up in your home and want to embark on the next stage in your life with a little trip down memory lane with a familiar place and often familiar faces.

This wedding was no exception to the above, held at the bride’s family home the whole day was very relaxed with the church a short stones throw down some country lanes and the home with a marquee erected in a field and car parking provided in another field acting as the reception venue. Bridal preparations were laid back as were the groom preparations. The florist used an open timber framed garage as her base of operations producing beautiful flowers for the church, bouquets, table decorations and button holes. When your father collects classic cars the wedding car isn’t a problem and neither is the ride home from the church with the Austin Healy Sprite making great time under the Groom’s command.

A relaxed reception followed with drinks in the garden of the house before guests made their way to the marquee for more drinks and the wedding breakfast. We stole the bride and groom away for a little while at this point for some portraits before rejoining the fun for some great speeches, a superb first dance and an evening of fun. I hope you like a small selection of images from the day.