Norwich Wedding Photographer at St Albans Cathedral-Rowan & Liz

Rowan and Liz asked me if I’d like to go to St Albans to photograph their wedding in the city’s Cathedral, I thought for but a moment and said yes. Although I’m a Norwich Wedding Photographer, who usually fulfils wedding commissions in Norfolk I often travel throughout the UK.

It was a beautiful day for a wedding and Liz’s mother’s house was awash with bridesmaids, brothers, a ring bearing page boy, flower girls and more. Outside ribbons were going on cars, and Liz was calmly sitting in her room having her hair done, her dress and that of her bridesmaids hanging from the wardrobe in the room whilst I tried to photograph some jewellery on some material on the bed. Rowan was enjoying food with the guys in St Albans and preparing for an epic day that he and Liz had planned to the “nth” degree.

A few weeks earlier I had met the couple for our last meeting prior to the wedding, we meticulously went through the day together so that I could work out how to photograph various details and group photographs fitting my photographic schedule into their day. On the same day as our meeting Rowan had been preparing the table centre pieces for each table at the wedding breakfast, cutting large cross-sections of logs and installing little lights around their base to be used when the lights were lowered in the venue. Liz, had her sister on hand, a whizz of creativity and more table centre pieces were made during the hen-do and boy did they look good.

St Albans cathedral held special significance to Liz as she sung there as a younger woman and during the service I had to take my hat off to Rowan because he really did try and keep pace with his new wife during the hymnals which was no mean feat. The service was particularly wonderful due to not only guests, family and bride and groom in good song but the addition of what I believe was Liz’s old choir albeit with younger members. Brian my regular hero of a second shooter and I both remarked that it was a joy to listen to the hymns and we’d both found ourselves pausing to listen during the ceremony.

Bright sunshine greeted the end of the ceremony and guests greeted the newly married couple before group photographs and a quick journey to Tewinbury Farm for the reception. We whisked the couple away for some photographs before returning them to their guests for a wonderfully fun wedding breakfast. It’s true to say that Rowan and Liz provided a spectacular performance on the dance floor and I was glad to see that their guests joined them for the evening dancing the night away enjoying a really special day with a lovely couple.

I hope you enjoy some of the photographs of the day.