Aylsham Wedding Photographer: A Garden Wedding Reception

Home produced weddings, that’s what I’m going to start calling weddings that take place at a family member’s home. I’m photographing more and more of this type of wedding and I love them, they’re fun, relaxed, everyone has usually helped with something or produced something and everyone seem to have a great time in this home made environment.

When I first saw the bride and groom about this wedding, I knew the plans were great. A church a stones throw away from the reception venue which was to be a large marquee stood in the capacious grounds and garden of the brides’ wonderfully warm and welcoming parents. Lots of room, lots of garden to explore for the guests and photographer alike, beautiful blooms and features to use and a day on which the guests didn’t have to worry unduly about car journeys.

Early September was the time of year, and when it came down to the day of the wedding, the weather was a bit unpredictable with cool winds and a bit of rain. That didn’t matter of course, a cursory look through the photographs will tell you that, everyone had great fun, we dodged a bit of rain on leaving the church after the ceremony and a bit before the wedding breakfast but that was it, smiles all around and for good reason.

Painstaking efforts went into producing table centres, details, making cake tables, taping the beer barrels and of course for the father of the bride choosing which bow-tie to wear. Bridesmaids helped set up the tables, friends made a gorgeous cake with lace detailing, and the church and venue were decorated to the nth degree with beautiful floral arrangements. The groom and bride, their family’s and friends had worked to the success of the day and it’s always great to see people achieve their goal, unadulterated fun, love and a wonderful wedding day.

There were moments of superb fun, from watching the groom sing “Gold” by Spandau Ballet, to watching the bride and groom dance both in the first dance and a later slightly tipsier version, to the great music by the Joe Ringer band, to the father of the bride’s chair collapse which thankfully just ended in smiles, to the bridesmaids preparations with the mother of the groom, and the grooms with his family and the groomsmen, to a gorgeously decorated church and reception and fun with the bride and groom’s portraits.

All part of the fun that is being a Norfolk photographer and an Aylsham Wedding Photographer.