Castle Wedding Photography: Colchester Castle


Happiness is infectious. I love having a look back at photographs from a wedding and smiling at a lovely day spent in great company. On this occasion particularly looking at the photographs of the ceremony made me happy. When a couple see each other for the first time on their wedding day there’s usually that moment of relief and then often it takes some time to compose themselves, but often then the couple will get caught up in the seriousness of the occasion and the smiles are relieved for a little while by concentration. During this ceremony that wasn’t the case, the smiles just kept on coming, the guests caught them, I caught them, I’ve no doubt the registrars and videographers also caught them: happiness is infectious!

This was the Colchester Castle wedding photography of a wonderful couple I’d got to know during several pre-wedding meetings one of which we’d combined with a pre-wedding shoot on the Norfolk coast. I love having the chance to get to know a couple before their wedding, you learn so much about priorities for the couple, about the effort put into the planning, the preparations and about the value of their wedding day. Self-confessed geeks this wedding was influenced by Zelda, Harry Potter, Nintendo games, a fantastic wedding dress the style of which was kept secret from the groom, home-made cakes, Meze, and a slight obsession with making home-made crackers for the wedding breakfast complete with jokes (it’s our wedding we can do what we like), not to mention hand-crafted hair pieces fit for Etsy! Then there was the castle, the guests got a tour of the dungeons, whilst the couple were having their photographs taken in it’s lovely gardens!

I started the day with the bride in the lovely Greyfriar’s Hotel in the centre of Colchester, Pete my second shooter came along for a little introduction and to help me photograph the fantastic dress before heading to meet up with the boys. Our first meeting that morning had been bumping into the groom with a stereo and a large fake Zelda sword walking along Colchester high street, it was Pete’s first taste as to how slightly different the wedding would be. After the dress and lovely shoes I moved onto some of the lovely jewellery which included a hair piece made by the bride herself, check it out below, it was apparently hard on the hands making it but so worth it.¬†With a “touch of geek” being one of the themes of the wedding, a Harry Potter wand and jewellery for the bride were met on the Groom’s behalf by a Zelda tie-pin and bespoke cuff-links.

The ceremony took place at the Minories on the main Colchester thoroughfare with a lovely room being used followed by drinks in the locations distinctive garden. We then moved onto the Castle Gardens for the couple’s photographs before being completely entertained by the reception within the Colchester Castle which not only supplied tours, a wonderful room for the Wedding Breakfast but also a spacious Chapel for the evening’s dancing. “The touch of Geek” came out in the evening with props and costumery coming out after the very entertaining speeches were complete and some lovely cake eaten. Evening guests turned up already geeked up and some even got to witness the Wedding Cake cutting (a beautiful multi-tiered mixed cake having been handmade by the bride) and the Christmas/Wedding crackers being opened.

It was a great day, made so by a great couple, I hope you enjoy some of the images from the day.