Batemans Barn Wedding Photography

I love it when my brides and grooms tell me that they’re going to have a relaxed wedding day that’s all about getting family and friends together to help them celebrate their marriage and generally have a good time. In truth I get a little giddy if they then tell me that the planned super relaxed wedding is to be at Batemans Barn. There’s a rule in my book of wedding photography that states that all Batemans Barn Wedding Photography expeditions are filled with happiness and joy, are great fun, are wonderful just in the very fact that you get to see people enjoy themselves in a very beautiful unassuming setting.

Batemans Barn nestles on the Norfolk and Suffolk border, it’s a working farm, it’s an important very very old house with history, it has a moat, it has fields, some chickens and is simply gorgeous: I’m drifting into a summers afternoon there in my mind now, and it’s serene… On this occasion the bride was getting ready in the bridal suite in the main house, to be joined for a ceremony later in the main barn by her husband-to-be and their two boys. The guys were travelling to the venue in a newly finished family VW camper van, by all accounts a labour of love, stunning in its entirety and the pride and joy of not only dad but also his boys, who later in the day were caught on camera giving it a bit of a buff and a shine. In the bridal suite it was all go, with jewellery, the dress, presents from the groom and more to photograph for me: and to film for the very lovely Kelly Southby  filming the wedding.

There were some lovely flowers and details to photograph on the day from the gig and music artist inspired table names and plan to the beautiful bride’s bouquet complete with a memory locket. A sunny day with a little bit of a mischievous breeze greeted the guests as they arrived in the courtyard at Batemans and the boys made a grand entry in the Camper van. The bride put on a stunning dress with the light of the summer sun reflecting through her bedroom window and looked absolutely stunning. The guests assembled in the barn, where the groom awaited his bride and the ceremony included a wonderful poem read by the couple’s eldest son. There was a little strut back down the aisle with the boys, before the married couple joyfully emerged from the barn into the sunshine.

The courtyard area of Batemans was then filled with guests celebrating the marriage, and until the wedding breakfast the guests socialised at the courtyard tables, around the kids bouncy castle on the lawn area and overlooking the fields beside the sites moat. There were a few formal groups before Kelly and I took the bride and groom for a few photographs and a bit of film around the main house and its adjacent ruins before returning in time for the wedding breakfast which took place in the beautifully bright covered area beside the main barn. After some lovely speeches and lovely food, the socialising continued, with a little bit of sunbathing in the courtyard and a little bit of time admiring the camper van amongst other activities. In short everyone was enjoying the beautiful afternoon to its full potential.

In the evening, the couple pulled a pint together which was a refreshing alternative to ‘cutting the cake’,  more food was produced with an outdoor bbq and alfresco dining, before Kelly and I again stole the bride and groom for a little while at sunset. Returning, there was a lovely first dance during which the couple’s young boys couldn’t resist joining mum and dad before some more serious dancing began, and the glow sticks came out in force.

Again, I can’t tell you what it is about a Batemans bedding that seems to make them so special, but I can only thank the happy couple for letting me be a part of another great day. I hope you like a few photographs from the day below.

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